"Many top chefs have discovered some surprisingly tasty ways to keep the pounds at bay. [Their] tantalizing suggestions [are] put forth in Smart Chefs Stay Slim, a new book detailing the eating strategies of today’s culinary superstars." -- OPRAH.COM

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 Thanks, TODAY SHOW, for recommending "Smart Chefs"!

"Solid advice, easy to put into practice"

Today show nutritionist Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom


Author Allison Adato (center) with chefs Naomi Pomeroy, Eric Ripert, Marc Murphy and Cat Cora.


From the author:

After listening to more than 40 chefs including Thomas Keller, Cat Cora, Marcus Samuelsson and Michelle Bernstein and Eric Ripert talk about food, weight, diet, work, cooking, dining, drinking, family, pleasure, and food some more, I had learned a lot not only about living life in healthy balance with what I wanted to eat, but had taken away some very simple and valuable truths

• Enjoy the food you love

"Smart Chefs Stay Slim" in hardcover, and ebook• Cook most of your meals

• Eat all of your vegetables

• Lemon, salt, and olive oil are all you need to make almost any dish terrific

• Have some fennel

• Take the doggie bag

• End your day with a square of chocolate

These really easy and delicious ideas were life-changing for me, and they are just a very small sample of what I hope to share both with the Smart Chefs book and this website.


Now in paperback too!


"Vegan or omnivore, serious eaters who care about their health—or at least their waistlines—will find Smart Chefs Stay Slim a refreshingly readable—not to mention appetizing—alternative to run-of-the-mill diet books. Ms. Adato, a People magazine editor whose work has brought her into contact with many of today's celebrity chefs, has produced an upbeat anthology that is part motivational tome, part healthy-living guide and part—thank heavens—good recipes." -- Wall Street Journal review, June 6, 2012

"Smart Chefs Stay Slim is at once approachable, realistic and mouthwatering."

-- Gail Simmons, author Talking with My Mouth Full

"A thoughtful, probing look at how chefs like Eric Ripert, Andrea Reusing and Tom Colicchio eat heathfully and happily. Thankfully for the reader, Adato goes beyond rules and self-help, and emphasizes pleasure."

-- Amanda Hesser, co-founder of

"Chefs sharing private details about their own struggles with weight? It's very rare. I love this book because of its great practical tips. But I really love this book because it humanizes so many legendary chefs who aren't above taking inventory of their own bodies—as emotional as that can be—just like the rest of us."

-- Alyssa Shelasky, author of Apron Anxiety

"Fun to read and packed with good advice."

-- Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University, and author of What to Eat

video courtesy People magazine

Author Allison Adato and chef Michelle Bernstein on TODAY